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Solve is one of the leading and professional company event registration system for in-person and online events. We have professional and experienced team for attendee’s registration. Event registration is a process where event planner organizes attendance to an experience for one or more attendees. The event organisers should be able to choose an event registration process that fits the needs of each event and can help them achieve their goals. Using an online registration system that has the necessary capabilities will make your event planning much more efficient, effective and effortless. If you ask any corporate events planners, they will tell you that collecting accurate delegate information is critical for asuccessful event.

An event registration system must allow you to get your audience to register hassle-free. And it’s just not the end. It should even go ahead to minimize the effort you put in after getting the registrations in creating pass, tickets for the guests. The registration form should do more than simply getting people to register. It should also contribute to your branding and promotion by allowing you to customize the landing page that users would see. The registration link should have direction, venue details, and event details. Hence, make sure your registration system allows you to customize landing by adding various details. For example, description box, banner images, register button, and form fields.

During the pandemic, we can configure the event registration form link into the Website link or in QR Code and place it on promotional materials. When we scan, this will take attendees directly to the form where they can fill the details. Once form is filled, attendees will receive the ticket or pass automatically in email or phone based on the information we have filled in the form. In addition, you may also like to choose a service provider who offers digital alternatives to send the tickets to guests. It could be via email or SMS, or both.

Event registration system also offer tracking system of attendees like how many attendees has attended the event. We can pull out the analytics data like Event’s time and duration, total number of guests who attended the event, Count of valid, invalid, and duplicate tickets, Re-entries allowed &Tickets validated per coordinator.



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Features Of Our Event Registration System

      Our system enables the organisers to effectively offer both an online & onsite channel via website or independant URL to the visitors. This in turn allows visitors to register for the event hassle-free.
      Our system allows user to create a personalised website to advertise the event. This website also serves as a gateway for the online registration.
      Our system allows organisers to send Email blasts to registered or unregistered users along with promotion material which may benefit the organisers in greater reachability.
      Our system allows organisers to create event badge templates and option to print these badges upon the successful registration of the visitors.
      Our system offers options to check-in the visitors at the time of their arrival. It helps in keeping records of those that attended and those that did not.
      Our system offers options to create surveys related to the event and push them via email to all attendees. Their response is collected which can be used to improve upon the future events.
      You can use your data to make more informed decisions, helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and lower costs.


    Solve is one of the leading company in online event registration system. We have professional and experienced team for event management and event registration system. If you needs to know how you can monitor the registrations? Solve helps you in monitoring the registration of attendees. You can do it with our solution, there are few points which will get stored in our tool:

    1. Guests who submit the form will show up at this table
    2. You’ll be able to see details such as approval status, guest email and mobile number, actions, and ticket status
    3. In the same option, you’ll even see the option to approve or reject registration (if you choose to approve the registrations manually


    Solve helps you in custom invite. We design the invites as per the event theme and we promote your business on registration invite. These tickets easily blend with the theme of your event. That means you can add your brand’s color and image to them.We can configure your business information, banners or any promotional information. We can attach the venue information, direction and venue locations and event’s detailed information.

    We offer solution for ticket validation also part of registration system. When attendees comes in, we can scan the invite by access control system or QR code. We can pass the entry through validated access pass. We can have details how many attendees has attended the event. Registration process is very critical and important for any event as invite is your first impression and if we are failed to do initial things impressive it will leave the negative impact for rest of the event. Excitement will not be up to that level. Hence, Invite should be catchy, full of useful information for the attendees.

    Solve is one of the best company in UAE who are best in attendees registration. We have team who ensure good and relevant people are attending the event and event organizer can take the advantage out of this event.

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