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Automate your business processes to boost productivity by several times. Achieve new levels of productiveness & reduce the costs and errors associated with manual tasks. Stop running behind ready-made solutions & get custom software now to Boost efficiency by 2X!

Emailing stakeholders
Scheduling & task management
Training & overseeing staff
Processing data & preparing reports

Solve is one of the leading and professional company in custom solutions. We understand your business and plan the custom solution for your business so that manual interventions and cost can be reduced and productivity for your business can be increased.

Custom solution is the best solution to showcase your business and spread your products and services across the world. We have professional team and consultants who understand the small-small points and create a detailed plan which can be critical for your business. We try to reduce manual tasks, cost and errors. We increase the productivity, better way of showing our information to customer. 

Solve provides custom software solutions by which we can achieve our business goal easily and increase our business sale year on year. We custom solution is not limited to one sector, we cater Construction industry, Educational Industry, Hotel Industry, Retail Industry, Banking Industry, Transportation Industry, Events Industry, Healthcare industry etc. 

We ensure our service is always prompt and beyond the expectation of our customer. We have dedicated team for design, development and support. We are best custom software development’s company and developed lots of software that too customized as per the requirement of our customer. We will work with you to understand the problem and will provide the solution how can we reduce the cost, increase the brand value, increase productivity, increase business goal and better customer satisfactions. We implement all the solution which can enhance the productivity. 


Why Choose Us To Build Your Software?

    new levels of productiveness & reduce the costs and errors associated with manual tasks.
    Access to right and timely information, irrespective of location, results greater productivity.
    Enjoy better communication with real-time data & information accessible to the entire organization.
    Better decision making & work proficiency with better coordination and easy exchange of reports.
    Encourage access to applications & information via self-owned devices to cut support costs.
    Enterprise software leads to reduction of redundant processes & enhances employee performance.


Custom solutions always developed specially for specific business keeping in mind that what are the challenges and what all actions we can take to mitigate those issues. Custom software helps in filling all the gaps and provides complete solution. During the initial implementation of each solution, we work with our customer to evaluate effectiveness and make adjustments, as needed. Software development support services include implementation: consisting of installation and training in use; maintenance, consisting of correction of identified bugs and user support. It’s not enough to write a program and run it. We totally encourage expert advice for its correct operation.We always work on improvement plan. We provide web based systems and our solution is on premises and cloud solution both. We developed website also as per our client requirement. We have customized lots of website as per the products and services of our client. 

There are few below mentioned examples of custom software:


  • Web Portals – Web portal is use to help users with a wide range of features that include user login, dashboard, chat, blogs, navigation, and business-specific features. Web portals are accessible from multiple platforms as well like android, IOS and windows & Mac OS etc. Web Portals generally display personalized content as per user experience to maintain engagement.The basic concept of the web portal is personalized access to a specific user. For example, offices with multiple employees usually are given personalized access to manage their workflow individually. We can provide a different level of experience.


  • Custom CMS System – Content management system, we generally call as CMS. CMS is an app that helps you to manage as well as create the content user friendly. Database is required for CMS and multiple users can connect and update the data. We can analyze the data and will able to know what improvement in user experience or business growth we can do. 


  • Custom Website development – Custom design and development is one of the best way to get our website SEO friendly and unique from other websites. Unique website design and content makes your website top in search. Custom website can generate the leads for your business. It is user friendly.


  • Custom Software development – Custom software is that you can tailor it as per your exact requirements. Even, customizable commercial software comes with restrictions around what you can and can’t do. Or customizing it as closely as possible to what you precisely want can become more expensive. On the other hand with custom software, you have almost complete control. That doesn’t mean there won’t ever be any compromises made on a cost to benefit assessment but you will certainly have a better control.


Solve is one of the best company for custom software solution, custom software development and custom website development.