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RSVP Management System 

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Product Intro

Solve is one of the best company in RSVP management system. We are experienced and professional and provide end to end solution. RSVP Management system is one of the most used systems in the events industry, and they have achieved popularity among private andcorporateclients looking to efficiently handle their guest list. Receiving an online invitation RSVP is very effective way in terms of budget. It helps you in managing the guest hospitality and communications. When we are planning an event, managing guest logistics can be time-consuming and tedious. RSVP solution makes this easy. Solve helps you in customize the RSVP forms, you can choose what all information you want to capture.

RSVPs, food preferences, arrival and departure dates or stay requirements – the app can capture everything for you. We can capture the food preferences, allergies and other required details which can be very useful during the event.
  • Features Of Our RSVP Management System

  • VIP & THEIR GUEST - Our system enables the organizers to create a profile of VIP visitor by providing their essential information. Once all info is provided, an auto-generated RSVP email is sent to the VIP along with custom registration URL for their guests.
  • RSVP RESPONSE - Visitors can respond to the email RSVP by selecting Yes or No. If Selected, yes, they can choose the time slot for arrival. If selected, No, then are prompted for a reason.
  • CHECK-IN WITH QR CODE - The visitors receive a confirmation email along with a QR Code, which is used to check them in, on the day of event.
  • EMAIL REMINDERS - Our system is equipped with reminder option which automatically shoots out reminder email to those yet to respond.
  • DETAILED REPORTS - The system offers detailed report on RSVP and check-in matters. You can use your data to make more informed decisions, helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and lower costs.

Solve is one of the leading company in RSVP management system software. We create app for you and app makes your life easier. The app will be integrated with guest contact details, where you can receive the lovely wishes and messages from friends and family. From host section, you can upload accommodation details and assign the rooms to each &every guest. You can also track the arrival and departure dates of each guest. The export function lets you filter and extract this information by date, making logistics much easier for you. This app not just let you manages planning and logistics, it is perfect app for communication as well. If you want to convey any message or want share any schedule or timing of any function we can do it. It makes our life very easy. It is so simple just write your message and send it to all the guests. 

RSVP management system can be used for offline and online events. This is the solution for guest management. It is also very useful and important for any kind of occasion or celebration, and not just for a wedding, which is usually an occasion where it is most needed. 

Why RSVP is important – 

We can keep all the records in app and now we can say bye to excel where lots of manual works is required and there are high chances of error as well. 

Efficiently captures information from guests so you are planned better, your arrangements are planned better, your logistics are planned better, guests preferences are taken care well, and wastage is less. Your ceremony will be smart, waste-free, and hassle-free just like it should be.

You can have direct communication with guests instead of multiple messages, phone calls, or middlemen. Everything is quick and convenient, with just a touch of a button. We can communicate information from single platform and single time. It mitigate the error of miss-communicating of information to any guests. It reduce your valuable time and efforts. 

We can customized the RSVP card person to person so that something personalized is there on the card. This is very impressive idea and it leaves very positive impact on the guest. 

RSVP can be linked with your website, guest can have all the details of the event at one place. This is very convenient for the guest to see the information about the events. Solve is one of the best company in RSVP management solution. We provide solution for both offline RSVP management solution and online RSVP management solution. 

After Covid-19, RSVP has become very popular as it is touchless solution and the same can be distributed by email, SMS, WhatsApp or any other social media platform like Instagram and Facebook. 

In RSVP management system, we can enable Guest and host versions. Guest will have option to see all the information whatever is uploaded by the host also guest can chat with the host. Host version will have all the functionality of uploading event details, venue details, catering instruction, function time and location, accommodation information, logistic information. Apart from this host can see the arrival and departure information, hotel information, can broadcast the message to all the guest on a single click.

This is all about the RSVP management system. Solve is best company of RSVP management system across UAE.


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