E-Voucher System



E-Voucher System

  • Category: Web-Based
  • License Option: Lifetime or Full-Ownership
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Maintenance: Available


Product Intro

Solve is one of the leading and professional company E-Voucher system for events, movie or any other show. We have professional and experienced team for E-Voucher system. Generally, an electronic voucher is a document that contains a unique bar code and is proof that you purchased a ticket for an event. You can print that voucher or you can carry voucher in your phone or laptop. The e-voucher is usually replaced with a physical card according to the procedure specified by the event organizer. If for a reason, we are not carrying a physical copy of the ticket, we can show the digital copy of the voucher to the event team. Now a days E-Voucher is one of the best way to carry tickets and passes. We can gift the vouchers to friends & family. We can use the E-Voucher in multiple area.

It enables businesses to easily create, distribute and manage discount vouchers for promotional campaigns. E-Vouchers for movies and event.

E-voucher is very easy to send through either email or WhatsApp or any other social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. We can increase conversion rates through E-vouchers. E-vouchers can be anything like ticket, pass, invite card or discount coupon. We can do promotion also on E-Vouchers. We can gift the vouchers also instead of any gift. Person can utilize the gift as per their choice and requirement. It drives the customer loyalty – E-Voucher increases your sale as well. If someone is giving the E-voucher which can be redeemed on next purchase. This way we have chance that customer will come back for the shopping to redeem the E-vouchers. You can boost brand awareness by giving the e-vouchers. E-vouchers can have the deals and offers which are available on shopping or services. Or in an event, E-vouchers can have the business information printed on it. These days brand awareness and promotion is very important and E-Vouchers is one of the best solution for the same. E-Vouchers can have the QR code and QR code can have your company website where we can see all the details. It is impactful solution.
  • Features Of Our E-Voucher System

  • VISITOR & THEIR GUEST - Our system enables the organizers to create a profile of visitors and their guests (if any) by providing their essential information.
  • VOUCHER ALLOCATION - Organizers can allocate the vouchers to the visitors and guests. They can daily consumption of vouchers. After which, the vouchers are renewed until the user profile is disabled.
  • SHARE VIA EMAIL - Once the vouchers are generated, they are automatically sent to the visitors or their guests via email. The voucher can be redeemed at the designated place.
  • PROFILE MANAGEMENT - Our system allows organizers to effectively enable or disable the profile of users and the guests.
  • DETAILED REPORTS - The system offers detailed report on voucher consumption. You can use your data to make more informed decisions, helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and lower costs.

Solve helps you in manage the E-voucher solution for your business. We are the best company of E-Vouchers Management in UAE. There are few key points which solve provides you in E-Voucher solution.

  1. E-Vouchers Management – Solve provide solution of monitor the transactions, track vouchers redemption date and rates. By doing this we can measure the success of the campaign. We follow all the rules and regulations during the distribution and designing the E-Vouchers. We keep all the records digitally. 
  2. Customization of E-vouchers – Solve helps you in customize the E-Vouchers. We can set the expiry of vouchers, discount percent, design of vouchers we can use the image, logo, services and offers about the company. If in case it is event, we can set the event date, location contact details, venue details & Bar code etc. 
  3. Voucher code details – Voucher should have bar code for in-person event or redemption in store or it should have QR code for online. As per requirement we configure the E-vouchers.
  4. Broadcast of E-Vouchers – Solve helps you in distribution of E-vouchers from different medium like email, SMS, or any other social media platform.

Solve is one of the leading andprofessional company in E-Voucher system. We provide end to end solution starting from designing of E-Vouchers to generation to distribution to redemption. We manage everything. We helps you in printing classy E-Vouchers for Gift card, which can you be utilized in shopping, restaurants or in hotels. It will have amount, discount percentage, validity of card. 

Solve helps you to distribute the E-Vouchers to targeted audiences as per the nature of the business. It helps you grow your business. It is very important that we should have relevant person in the event so that it can be fruitful for both the party. 

Solve has managed numbers of events across UAE. We have dedicated team for each of the functions of event management and E-vouchers management. We have experienced and professional team, we always keep eye on small – small details and we works as a team. We always ensure the best service always and exceed the expectation of the customers.


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