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Enterprise resource planning is commonly referred as ERP. ERP is a software which is used to manage the business. It is designed to manage stores, day-to-day processes,operations across finance, human resources, purchase, distribution, supply chain, FMCG and other business functions. ERP system is very critical and important applications for most organizations because they integrate all the processes necessary to run their business into a single system that also facilitates resource planning. We can run our business operation efficiently and effectively by using the ERP system solution. ERP System has integration capability with other tools and software to manage the data automated and manual intervention can be reduced and productivity can be increased.

Initially ERP system was introduced or we can say designed for manufacturing industry but with the time, now it is implemented in almost in all the industry. Now a days small industry, startups, nonprofit organizations are also using ERP solution to increase the productivity and reduce the cost. 

ERP is referred to as a category of business management software— a suite of integrated applications or tools—that can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. ERP systems can be local based or cloud-based. Cloud-based applications have grown in recent years due to information being readily available from any location with Internet access. Traditional on premise ERP systems are now considered legacy technology. ERP system is a solution for different software to one platform. By doing this, we can easily pull out the data. We can integrate multiple area in single software. 



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Features Of Our ERP Solution

      Manage your assets and other inventory articles through our comprehensive solution which gives you options to add unlimited number of assets and get reminders regarding their health.
      Get the benefit of complete financial statements generated by our solution based on your yearly turnover. You can even generate financial reports for any period of time.
      Manage suppliers, purchase orders, invoices and other such documents to help you keep track of your expenses on a daily basis.
    • SALES
      Manage sales performances of each individual, each department and allow your business to monitor sales through our comprehensive sales graphs that lets you position yourself better for future trends.
    • HR & PAYROLL
      Our ERP Solution lets you manage all key responsibilities of the HR Department. Activities such as, Employee Profiles, Employment Renewal and terminations, Attendance tracking, Salary transfer, deductions etc. You can even generate key documents such as pay slip, job offer, termination letter etc and may more.


    Solve is one of the best company in ERP software solution. We have experienced and professional team for integration, implementation and support. ERP is very important software to run your business effectively and in process. I have mentioned few key features of ERP solution:

    1. Real time operation – It provides you real time operation. Everything is automated and process wise. Process are defined and operation will run accordingly. The software, being continuously updated and can be seen in real-time, it ensures required data is accessible by each appropriate department. It is also designed to pass information between departments. 
    2. Common Database – ERP use common database for all the verticals. Data can be accessed by anyone and it is role based access. Whatever rights are assigned to the ID. Those information can be accessed. Few ERP system split the database to increase the performance of the software.
    3. Enterprise integration – It is end to end solution of business processes for all the department. If order automatic initiate the check and queries the product availability and update the product delivery schedule. Once product is dispatched, invoice for the order is sent.

    ERP is used by all the industry now, few I have mentioned below for the reference:

    • For Procurement – Back-office, store, and online shopping experience for modern businesses that confront various issues. Retailers benefit from employee efficiency, reduction in fraud and cost. It is a best solution and provides analytics dashboard to analyze the data so that corrective plan can be made and it is secure system. This has all security standards integrated in it.
    • Finance – ERP Financial software is very important and critical in improving your business’s profitability and compliance. It provides real-time access to your financial data through dashboards. It covers all the module of finance like Accounts payable, Cashiers, General Ledger, Account receivable, Fixed asset management and reporting. All modules are integrated with each other.
    • For Human Resource – ERP solution for Human resources is also one of the best solution. Payroll, recruitment, Leave Management, employee performance analyze, employee retention and others features can be managed through this module. This tool can also be used to see the timing and manage the attendance of the employees. It can be integrate with social media platform and job portals to shortlist and hiring the employees from this tool.

    ERP solution can be used cloud based solution also where there is no hardware cost is required and can be accessed the software from any location. 

    Solve is one of the best company of ERP solution services. We have implement these ERP solution across UAE and we have happy customer of the same. We have dedicated team for integration and support. 

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Industries We Cater To

Our solutions are not limited to a single industry or demographic. Here are some of the industries that we offer our services to:

Banking Industry

Healthcare Industry

Real Estate Industry

Automobile Industry

Logistics Industry

Retail Industry

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