RFID Warehouse Management


RFID Warehouse Management System

Whats more important to a warehouse than to have a centralized source of information and management of inventory. With our Warehouse Management System, you can streamline the complete process from receipt to dispatch of goods.

Warehouse inventory management is very critical and important for any company who has large inventory and manual human intervention is required to manage the inventory.

Solve provide you the best solution for the same. We provide you RFID warehouse management system.

RFID is one of the best solution to manage the warehouse inventory efficiently and effectively. RFID means Radio frequency identifier. RFID does not need line of site connectivity unlike normal bar code which required human intervention to scan the barcode and scanning device should connect to the database to scan the barcode. In normal barcode information remain in database and it just need connectivity with line of site connectivity device.

But in RFID, it is more than barcode. RFID has all the item information in RFID and it is not required database connectivity. We can get the inventory information without human intervention. We can take the inventory through radio waves. We just need RFID tags to be attached with item and reader to be installed in warehouse. Those reader will communicate with the warehouse management system and get the inventory information anytime. Even through RFID tags we can know when item came inside the warehouse and when it went out from the warehouse. RFID readers can be installed at the entry gate from where material is going out or coming inside, it can be scanned by the readers and information can be access through warehouse management software. It helps us to have actual inventory and we can have any changed in modification in inventory real time.

  • What Is Featured In Our Warehouse Management System?

  • INBOUND & OUTBOUND - Our system allows warehouse manager to keep detailed account of goods from receiving until dispatch. You can create supplier & customer accounts and be notified on key operations that takes place during the supply chain.
  • DOCUMENTS CREATION - Our system enables you to create a template of documents that are essential for the operation such as Invoice, Delivery Note, Product checklist etc.
  • PUT AWAY - You can assign areas within shelves and resrve them as per Suppliers or Product Category. This feature enables you to keep track of the location of the products without needing to runabout at the last minute.
  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - Our system offers warehouse manager the option to add stock value to each product as they come. As these products get dispatched, the stock value decreases on real-time giving the manager an instant stock count.
  • DETAILED REPORTS - You can use your data to make more informed decisions, helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and lower costs.

Solve is known company in RFID solution and has good portfolio in that. We provide best rfid warehouse system. We believe in technology and our solution reduce the human hard work which makes better productivity in result.

There are multiple benefit of RFID warehouse inventory system. We have mentioned few benefit of the same below:-

  • Manual Intervention – RFID warehouse management system reduces the manual check and counting of inventory. Manual works requires lots of efforts and manpower, RFID solution reduces human efforts which can be utilized somewhere else where productivity can be generated. 


  • Reduce of Cost –It reduces the cost of management of inventory as it requires one time setup cost and later it reduces efforts of manual checks which reduces the cost of manpower and other utilities.


  • Better management of Material – RFID warehouse management system provides best experience of inventory management like we can have real time status of inventory like expiry date, out of stock items, items which are required to order. Non sellable items which need push and so many other data we can generate by this software. 


  • Reduces waste – We can have the details of items which are not required in near future and can be utilized or it can be fit with any other material. It can be plan in better way if we have that kind of data with us.


  • Location of the material – We can have location of the material by RFID warehouse inventory system. We can have the location of the item easily which reduce the time efforts as well. 


  • Accuracy – RFID for warehouse and inventory management is one of the best solution for inventory management. Result of the RFID is accurate and we can show the trust and get the better result out of it. 


  • Efficiency – There are 2 way where we can generate efficiency by RFID technology. First it communicate immediately with warehouse management system through RFID readers and second we can save countless hours in counting of the inventory. Overall, the integration of RFID technology with warehouse management systems reduces operating costs and increases the speed and accuracy that we’re able to promise our customers every day.


  • Optimize the operation – We can have the data by RFID warehouse management system that which are highly sellable items and which are rare picked items. We can optimize the operation by analyzing the data. 


Solve is one of the leading and fast growing company for rfid for warehouse inventory management. We have highly professional team for installation and configuration of this system. We have 24x7 support and we have separate team for support who ensure exceptional service to each and every client. 


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