RFID Asset Tracking System


RFID Asset Tracking System

Gone are the days when the only way you could manage your inventory was through a manual stock count. With our Asset Tracking Solution, you can manage and track your assets within a few seconds without even needing to move even a single step. With RFID tehcnology, you can now save time and cost, and at the same time get access to a variety of reports which would otherwise take you weeks of investigation.

RFID Asset tracking system is absolutely perfect solution to keep our asset secure and counted all the times. If any asset is going out from warehouse or store, we can track the asset through asset tracking system. We will have all the details what time asset gone out from the warehouse or store.

Solve is one of the leading and fast growing company in rfid asset tracking system solution. We have provided this solution to multiple companies and they are happy customers of ours. We believe in providing the exceptional service support post installation of any services. Zero down time or zero error system is our main priority of work. To achieve this we have professional and experienced team.

In simple word, RFID asset tracking is a process of automating the management and locating the asset. We just need to attach a RFID tag to the asset. RFID reader will communicate with RFID tags and pass the information to rfid tracking system. Data can be anything like name, expiry, price, condition and location. We can reduce the human error by counting the asset by pen and paper and putting the count in system. All this work requires lots of time and human efforts to get the information and still we are not sure whether the information gathered is accurate or not. RFID is solution to all of this issues and asset information can be gathered in one time which cut down the human efforts and gives you the productivity and accuracy in your business.

This is very critical and important to know the correct inventory for bottom line of the company. We need to know about

How does asset tracking work? 

If there is a box and multiple other items are in the box then every individual items will have asset tag and box will have another tag. All individual tags will be associated with box tag. Once we will scan the box tag, we will be able to track other asset also which are available inside the box with quantity and other information.

  • What Is Featured In Our Asset Tracking System?

  • INSTANT STOCK COUNT - With each asset labeled with RFID, with the press of button on a scanner, all assets are counted within a second. This not only gives you a quick but an accurate result as well.
  • ASSET TRACKING - Our system allows you to also label the locations within your venue. With the help of our readers, you can find out the location of each product even if they are moved from their designated place.
  • MULTI-LOCATION MANAGEMENT - Our solution can be implemented in multiple locations across geographical boundaries. It allows you to manage the assets in different locations and at the same time allows easier facilitation of assets.
  • MONITOR ASSET HEALTH - Our system offers timely reminders regarding the expiration or due maintenance of the assets in your venue. You can forget about missing the due date and let our system handle the tough work.
  • DETAILED REPORTS - You can use your data to make more informed decisions, helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and lower costs.

There are multiple benefits of rfid asset tracking system. We have listed few below to understand it better – 

  • Accuracy – We will get the accurate inventory through rfid equipment tracking system. We will be able to get all the information of the asset starting from name to the location of the asset. I will give you all the information of the asset such as when the asset came inside the warehouse. This is best solution where we have large inventory and need better management of asset.


  • Reduce of human intervention – We can reduce the human intervention, we will have correct information of the asset through rfid asset tracking, we can reduce the manpower up to 30 to 40 percent. Not only manpower but we can reduce the error in counting and writing down the information in paper and then in system. 


  • Missing Item – Through RFID asset tracking system, all the asset is like it is front of our eyes and it reduce the risk of missing the item. We can get the information of any item at any point of time and does not need human intervention in looking out the item.


  • Automatic data collection – We can have the asset information during the in and out of the asset as we can have the rfid readers installed at the gate from where asset is going in and out. 

There are 3 types of RFID tags. Active, Passive and Semi Passive. Each tags works differently. 

  • Active Tags – Active tags are battery operated tags and transmit signal all the times. Active tags frequency range is up to 150 meter. These tags can be used to track the vehicle.


  • Passive tags – These tags does not require separate power, it gets the power from RFID reader and these tags used for tracking the assets. These tags has less frequency than active tags and these tags has long life than active tags.


  • Semi Passive tags – These tags used for environment and condition and can be operate on battery. 


Solve has best solution for the RFID asset tracking system and any company can generate the ROI within short time of frame. We have dedicated teams for project and support. We assured best service all the time.


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