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Product Intro

Solve is one of the leading and fast growing company across UAE. We have professional and experienced team for Fleet management system. We provide end to end solution for fleet management. Fleet management is a method which used by your company to manage your fleet and asset. Fleet Management allows you to reduce the cost, enhance the operational efficiency productivity.



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Features Of Our Fleet Management System

  • If we are managing large group of vehicle, it is very difficult to manage those vehicle. It requires lots of cost and manpower to manage and there are lots of chance of error as well. Fleet management system allows you to manage the vehicle efficiently and we can reduce the cost and errors. We can boost the productivity of drivers as well by fleet management system and we can run the operation stress free.

    These days fleet management system use by all the sectors. Like couriers company, Sales team, public transport, hospital, schools, emergency services and many others sectors.

    In order to use fleet management system, we need to have fleet management software. Fleet management software is a tool used by the company to access the data and performance of the drivers, vehicle and customer service details. It is very handy tool it can be a web based solution or it can be a software or it can be an application for IOS and android platform. This is very critical and important tool for any fleet management company to enhance the performance and efficiency of the fleet. It reduce the downtime and better management of drivers and vehicle. We can boost the driver performance also.

    We can achieve following benefits after implementation of this software:

    •             We can analyze the performance of the vehicle.

    •             We can pre-schedule the drivers for fleet and we can take out the report anytime.

    •             We can configure the compliance data in this software so that we are well aware before renewal of any license or what all document to collect during the contract.

    •             We can manage the driver’s route and we can schedule it as well.

    •             We can analyze the fuel consumption.

    •             We can manage the repair and maintenance of the fleet and even we can schedule the service of the vehicle. Fleet management software also help you in providing a preventive maintenance schedule that helps you manage fleet costs and avoid lengthy downtime.

    •             Fleet management software offers detailed reports so that we can turn this data into useful information. There’s more to it than just being aware of your vehicle’s location.

    Fleet tracking system is a part of fleet management system we can track the vehicle and we can know the location and route of the vehicle. We can get real time update through fleet tracking system. We will be able to know the how many delivery or job has been done by the vehicle by analyzing the route.

    We can improve the customer experience and satisfaction. Customer will get the update of their consignment real time and this reduce the calls to driver from both the party to find out the location. We can plan the route as well which route is safe and which route can be taken to reduce the maintenance of the vehicle or we can avoid traffics route.

  • There are few best practices to get the best result and enhance the customer experience:

    •             Focus on customer service and we should understand the urgency of the parcel and need to plan accordingly.

    •             We should be fully compliant in terms of documents so that time and money can be saved and driver can drive the vehicle peacefully.

    •             We should be well aware about the service or preventive maintenance of the vehicle so that we can mitigate the risk of downtime of the vehicle on long route.

    Solve is one of the best company in UAE in fleet management solutions. We have implemented this tool in lots of company and they are really happy customers of this solution. We always prefer or we can say we always give priority to customer service. We have dedicated team for implementation and support. We always train our customers so that they can utilize this software to the maximum and take benefit of this solution.

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Who Can Use Our Fleet Management System?

Our solutions are not limited to a single industry or demographic. Here are some of the industries that will benefit from our product:

Logistics & Supply Chain





FMCG Delivery